How To Teach Your Kids About Money

It is quite amazing that while many young people leave school or university with a string of academic qualifications, they are at a loss to know how to organise their personal finances in the adult world. Unfortunately, even now, many schools and educational establishments fail to teach even the basics of financial management, so it often falls upon the shoulders of parents to accept that responsibility.

How To Understand The Different Kinds of Interest

Most of us understand that when we take a loan, we need to pay interest. Interest is the amount you must pay to the lender on top of the amount originally borrowed, but how many people understand the various types of interest that can be charged? It can be very confusing so here is a quick and simple guide.

Essential Things You Need To Know About Your Bank Account

Nearly all of us have a bank account, but do we really know enough about this important part of our everyday lives? Does My Bank Account Have Any Fees Attached To It? Many bank accounts are ‘fees free’ so you can use them without the fear of any hidden charges. But you do need to read the ‘small print’ to make sure.

How to Save Money On Food Bills

Since the arrival of supermarkets in the UK in the 1950s, our buying habits have changed beyond recognition. Whereas we used to shop around independent high street shops for the best value, the simplicity and ease of supermarket shopping has changed the way we shop.

UK Expats – Living In A Foreign Country After Brexit

There are approximately 900,000 Brits living in other European countries, according to The Guardian. Brits living and working in Europe are still facing an uncertain 2017 and beyond. Despite the fact that the decision to leave the EU was made last June, their future lies in the balance.

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