What is Work Life Balance?

Work life balance is described as the combination of work and being able to spend time with family and friends and doing what you love. In the 21st century, there is a desire for firms to offer a healthy work life balance for their staff, particularly for those with long hours, small children and people they have to care for.

How Companies Can Motivate Staff Around Christmas 

As we approach the Christmas season, the feeling around the office starts to become quite festive. Not only do we see people taking their foot off the peddle with shorter hours and longer lunches, but overall productivity tends to fall. For employers, it is important to keep staff motivated and still working hard in Q4.

How To Teach Your Children About Money

Do you remember how you first learned what money is? Engaging your kids in learning about the ways of our deeply transactional and contractual world is no simple task. We learn about money both theoretically and experientially; our numerical skills are honed from any early age using monetary value (‘Kate has 20p, how much more does she need to buy a 40p apple?’).

How Do Pensions Work?

Pensions allow you to save money whilst you work so that you are able to fund your retirement. Your pension may be part of a workplace scheme, or you may create private pension for yourself which involves putting aside the money yourself, independent of workplace schemes. There are many different types of pensions and the one you opt for is usually dependent upon what your workplace has to offer.

How to Save Money Around the House

Maintaining a home is no easy feat. From keeping the fridge stocked to paying the bills and ensuring the rooms are clean; home life can be massively expensive. There are, however, plenty of really simple ways in which you can change your spending habits from day to day in order to take control of your money once and for all.