Should You Give Your Children Pocket Money?

The question of whether to give your child pocket money is a subject that inevitably comes up as an issue for parents, especially as a child gets older and becomes increasingly aware about money. Many questions come up such as is it the right thing to do for your family, will it help them to learn about budgeting properly?

How To Save Money on a Winter Holiday

Are you thinking of going on a get-away over the festive season? You aren’t the only one. As great as all things Christmas related can be (it is after all, the most wonderful time of the year) it can nevertheless be a stressful time too.

Smart Technologies That Can Help You Save Money

Technology is rapidly developing, and serving more and more purposes. Technology has become part of our everyday lives, and for better or worse, smart technologies can actually help you save significantly around the house and on your insurance by providing more accurate readings than traditional methods – as we investigate below. What is smart technology?  Smart technology is the next step in the ever so recent technological revolution.

Understanding your Payslip

Do you understand your payslip? Some of the terms and numbers on your payslip can be quite confusing but if you don’t understand it fully, you may be receiving the wrong amount of payment without knowing it. You have the legal right to know exactly how much money you will receive from your employer and this is not something that your employer should withhold.