Whatever your short term financial crisis, Uncle Buck is here to help. Using our automated payment system, if your loan is approved, we can securely transfer funds into your account in minutes, allowing you to easily deal with the challenges that unexpected bills can cause.

Our short term loans are designed to be flexible, by allowing you to spread your repayments over 4 or 6 months, and you can request up to £1000. However, first time borrowing is limited to £500.

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Representative Example

Loan Amount (for 4 months)
Three Repayments of
One Final Repayment of
Total Repayment
Interest Rate
292% pa (fixed)
1244.0% APR

Short Term Loans with Online Application

Uncle Buck Short Term Loans can be applied for Online

Our short term loan application process is 100 percent online and can be completed from any device with an internet connection. Consisting of just five short forms for you to complete your details, our short term loan online application will help us to establish if the loan you’ve requested is affordable and manageable.

An application with Uncle Buck requires no paperwork and no visit to a branch; everything can be done online. Your loan agreement can be signed online, electronically, and without the need for identity documents or having to wait for the paperwork to come through the post.

By choosing a Financial Conduct Authority regulated lender like Uncle Buck, you can expect a clear breakdown of your repayments and when these will be due. We also don’t surprise you with hidden charges—what you see upfront, during your application process, is what you pay.

If you’re still considering whether a short term loan is right for you, keep in mind that short term loans have a fast pay-out (we transfer funds to customers every 15 minutes, from 6am to 11pm and approval decisions can be reached in seconds.

I have bad credit; Can I still apply for a Short Term Loan?

Yes, you can take out a short term loan with bad credit. We take all factors into account when considering whether to approve a short term loan request. With each application, we conduct an affordability and credit check that assesses not only your credit rating but a range of key indicators of your ability to repay on time.

With that in mind, it’s extremely beneficial to your application that you input the most recent and correct details about your finances when completing the submission. Please note that that failure to declare all existing debts or monetary commitments when applying for a short term loan could make your repayments unmanageable— Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Remember, be honest, upfront and provide the most recent contact information that you can. Our commitment to responsible lending is there to protect your monetary stability, ensuring that a short term loan will support your financial emergency and not lead to greater challenges.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the results of any short term loan application, irrespective of your credit rating.

Can I get short term loans with no credit check?

No, you cannot apply for a short term loan from Uncle Buck without a credit check. We always conduct a comprehensive affordability and credit check and will search an applicant’s credit file as part of our automated decision-making process. If you apply, a footprint will be left on your credit file.

A credit check is essential to any short term loan application because it ensures that lenders are acting responsibly and protecting the interests of you, the consumer.

Our automated decision-making engine uses this information to decide whether a loan is likely to be repaid, or if there’s a chance that payments may be missed, and customers may be worse off than had they not taken out the loan.

What’s the difference between a Payday loan and a short term loan

£500 short term loan in coins

Historically, payday loans were small cash loans that lenders offered to customers for just a few weeks—sometimes for up to just a month or until their next payday. On the other hand, a short term loan (sometimes known as an instalment loan) is typically spread over the course of several months, up to a year. In truth, many customers use the two terms interchangeably, meaning that it’s very common for a short term loan to be referred to as a payday loan and vice versa and this can lead to some confusion.

In fact, they’re both known in the industry as High-Cost Short Term Credit (HCSTC) and are recognised by the financial services industry as the same thing. Payday loans and short term loans are subject to the same industry-wide price caps and strict regulations, to protect customers and to champion high-quality service from lenders. For example, all lenders are restricted to a maximum daily interest charge of 0.8%, default fees must be no more than £15 and no customer must pay back more than double what was originally borrowed.

Please be aware that requesting a longer short term loan length will accrue more interest, but this will be reflected upfront in the proposed weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. If you would like to better understand your financial circumstances and to calculate how a short term loan may affect your situation, please click here to visit our financial planner.

Applying for a short term loan with a direct lender

Apply for your short term loan with a direct lender like Uncle Buck instead of a broker if you would like straightforward access to your emergency cash while leaving only one search record on your credit file. As a direct lender, we process only one credit check of your account and we can access the results of this and our affordability checks almost immediately. But what does this mean for you? It means that you receive the decision on your application in just minutes, if approved, and you can receive your emergency finances without the hassle of operating through a third party.

In contrast, a broker will present your short term loan application to several lenders for each of them to return with a lending decision. This does have the notable benefit of choice, giving you the freedom to select a provider and loan rate that suits your financial circumstances. However, please be aware that each of these lenders could run their own soft or hard credit checks to assess the proposed loan’s affordability and this could potentially harm your credit score.

Our suggestion, therefore, is to weigh up your options and to decide whether you’d like to go through just one party and have one credit search recorded on your credit file or go through a broker, which could increase the chances of your loan being facilitated as your details will be shown to a number of lenders on the broker’s panel. However, multiple credit searches may be carried out. This processing will stop when an offer of credit is made by one lender.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable solution to an immediate financial emergency, applying for a short term loan with a direct lender is a strong option. We’d always recommend first going first to friends and family but, for those times when you do not have the option or time is key, just Ask Uncle.