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Planning to apply for a loan with a direct lender? There’s a wide variety of borrowing options that might help manage your current circumstances. However, many loans include additional requirements, such as requiring a guarantor or an asset to secure the loan in case you can’t afford to pay the money back.

So for those worried about putting up their car or home as collateral when applying for a loan, we offer unsecured direct lender loans.

What is an Unsecured Loan Direct Lender?

Unlike with a secured loan, unsecured loans don’t require an asset to secure your money when you apply. This means that if you are unable to repay, the lender doesn’t have any collateral with which they can use to reclaim the money owed. Due to this, the amount available to borrow is often of a much lower value than if applying for a secured loan although the interest rates are often much higher.

Unsecured Loans Direct Lenders Definition

Bad Credit Unsecured Loans Direct Lenders

When it comes to applying for a loan, there are lenders who will automatically turn down loan applicants with a bad credit rating even if the checks indicate they can afford a loan.

However, we know that a credit score isn’t always the best way of understanding who you are as a borrower. We prefer to look at the bigger picture, and if we believe that one of our loans could work as an affordable option, then you could be considered. So to help those who can afford a loan but may be turned away due to their credit rating, we offer bad credit unsecured loans.

Unsecured Loans Direct Lenders Only

Here at Uncle Buck, we work as a direct lender, which ensures that when you apply for one of our loans, you will always borrow straight from us. This provides you with the assurance that should you have any issues with your loan, you will always know exactly who to turn to. If we are unable to fund the loan you are looking for, we may share your details with other credit brokers to help find you a loan but only if you permit us to do so.

Unsecured Against Secured Loans

Unsecured and secured loans both come with their own benefits over one another, which can make deciding which to apply for tricky. Listed below you’ll find the advantages of both to provide you with some guidance when deciding the option that’s right for you.

Benefits of Unsecured Loans Direct Lenders

  • Available for a Wider Number of People: Not requiring an asset or collateral to secure the loan means that those who may not have collateral can still apply
  • Less of a Risk: You can apply for a loan without having to risk the possibility of losing your home or car if you are unable to pay back your loan
  • Quicker Applications: As unsecured loans do not require an asset to secure the money, the application process is often a lot more straightforward and faster to complete

Benefits of Secured Loans Direct Lenders

  • Larger Amounts Available: As a highly valuable possession is often used as collateral, lenders are usually more willing to lend larger amounts than those of unsecured loan lenders
  • Lower Interest Rates: The interest rate on secured loans is often lower than that of unsecured loans, though the length of the loan is often for a much longer period
  • Costs Can Be Spread Out: Secured loans will usually allow you to spread out the repayments of your loan over a longer period, helping you to lower your monthly costs. However, this can often lead to a much larger overall amount being paid back in the end.

Applying for an Unsecured Loan with Uncle Buck

Looking to apply for an unsecured direct lender loan with Uncle Buck today? If so, you could:

  • Apply for an amount of up to £1000
  • Repay over either a four or six month period
  • Still be considered despite a poor credit score or the lack of a guarantor

Here at Uncle Buck, we offer unsecured direct lender loans designed to manage short-term cash flows. This form of borrowing is expensive and is unsuitable for supporting sustained borrowing for long periods or if you’re in financial difficulty. If you require a long-term loan or help with paying off pre-existing debt, then there may be cheaper, more suitable options available to you.  We want our customers to be able to repay what they owe without negatively affecting their financial circumstances. We look at each request individually and will only offer a loan if doing so meets our obligations as a responsible lender. Taking on additional credit if you are already having financial difficulties is not ‘responsible borrowing’ as you will still need to repay it, with interest.

At Uncle Buck, we’ve been offering short-term loans since 2004 to borrowers from across the UK. If you are interested in applying for an unsecured loan with a direct lender today, simply click the Apply Now button.

If you have any questions regarding our loans, you can contact us at

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