We hope that our website is helpful in outlining the key risks and benefits of our loans, but to help you, we have collated the information together here.

Remember that every borrowing decision is a decision you will not make lightly, irrespective of the amount of credit and term of borrowing. There may be alternative finance options available to you, these may be cheaper. Our type of lending is not suitable for sustained or longer term borrowing and is not suitable if you are in financial difficulty.


  • There may be other, more suitable, forms of credit available to you that meet your needs at this time
  • Cheaper forms of credit may be accessible to you
  • The convenience of the online application means it can be attractive to apply and use the funds for non-essential or frivolous purposes
  • Although the product is price capped, the interest rate may still be considered “high”
  • Missed/late payments may attract a default fee of £15 on the first missed/late instalment if the payment is still outstanding 3 days after the repayment date
  • If your loan is in arrears, you may be charged default interest subject to the application of the rate cap
  • Missed payments are reported to Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) where these records may be seen by other lenders
  • Missing payments (that are recorded at CRAs) may make getting credit more difficult in future, or that you cannot rehabilitate your credit history
  • Other lenders may see evidence of HCSTC on your credit record and this may influence applications for longer term credit eg a mortgage – all lenders have different criteria
  • Becoming reliant on additional funding rather than taking steps to re-organise your finances
  • Believing that a short term loan will help you out of financial difficulty – it will not


  • No long term commitment, repayment is over a maximum of six monthly instalments
  • Convenient online application form, apply in your own time
  • Small sum credit, up to £500 for new customers
  • Online decision subject to thorough checks being carried out
  • Direct credit to your bank account
  • Legal right to settle early in full or in part during term of loan
  • Legal right to give notice to withdraw within 14 days and repay with accrued interest within 30 days of giving notice
  • Payment is taken from your debit card details supplied on application, you can cancel the ongoing authority (but you will need to provide an alternative form of payment to avoid going into arrears)
  • Used properly may help manage unexpected cash flow situations
  • Ours is a price capped product, so you will never repay more than double what you originally borrowed, or more than £15 in default fees
  • Customers with an established and secure repayment record may, subject to additional checks, be able to apply for up to £1,000

Our Help & Support section contains more information on default fees and how we need you to be open and honest with us if you find you are struggling to repay. However, we have prepared some specific information on some of the other risks listed above.

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