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We are a wholly UK based short term payday loan lender, offering small value loans between £75 and £400 to new payday loan customers over the internet. These payday loans generally fall due for repayment on your next paydate. Customers who have borrowed from us before and successfully repaid may be able to borrow higher amounts, possibly up to £1,000, although not everyone will qualify for this amount.


These payday loans, as they are known, have received much attention recently: there has been an OFT review, a televised Parliamentary Committee evidence session and many research reports. Indeed when the transfer to the new regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), took effect in April 2014, a number of proposed new rules came into effect which the regulator believes will enhance consumer protections.


Uncle Buck Payday Loans has a fully UK based call where, during our opening hours (that are detailed on our website), you will be able to speak to our customer service agents. We invest a lot of time in training and developing our people so you can be reassured they will listen to your query and respond appropriately. Uncle Buck has been in the payday loans market since 2004 and is one of the more established payday loan lenders. We continually review the feedback we receive and act on this, so we are confident of giving our customers what they want in the payday loans products we offer.Payday Loans made easy with Uncle Buck


We are members of the BCCA and uphold the Good Practice Customer Charter and Addendum to Code of Practice. This Charter gives you, the customer, enhanced protections over and above those required in law and our abidance of the Charter demonstrates that we are a responsible payday loan lender.


Payday loans are designed for the short term and are not suitable as a means of longer term finance, or for consumers in financial difficulty. If you feel you cannot manage your finances adequately, our website details not for profit independent debt counselling agencies offering free, confidential and impartial debt advice that may be able to help you get back on track. When considering taking out a payday loan, you should always think about possible payday loans alternatives, or if you really need to borrow at all. Being able to repay on your paydate is important, too, and you should think about how this will affect your financial position when the repayment falls due – not just about what you might do with the payday loan if granted.


We are not able to help everyone that applies to Uncle Buck Finance LLP. Our payday loan checks may be quick but they are also thorough and we are required, as a responsible lender, to carry out affordability checking to see whether we think you can afford to repay the payday loan without this putting undue strain on your financial position. Of course, we need you to be honest and accurate about the information you supply to us during your payday loan application, and we may ask for supporting documentation or information, as we don’t want there to be any problems after the payday loan is funded. We ask for some information about your regular outgoings on the payday loan application form as well as your income.


We understand that taking out a payday loan, however small, is a commitment. We provide pre – contractual information (required by law) that sets out the key features of your loan, for example how much it will cost, the interest charge and what happens if things go wrong, and the charges we might make if you miss a repayment and don’t engage with us to let us know your situation. Our pre - contractual information also sets out how we take payments using the Continuous Payment Authority, how to cancel this and your withdrawal rights from the payday loan. You will also receive – if our checks show we can lend to you – a payday loan agreement. This contains some of the information in the pre-contractual documentation but also includes some terms and conditions. Reading and considering this information is very important – you can use the pre-contractual information to compare offers in the marketplace – and you should only sign the payday loan agreement once you have read, and are satisfied you understand, the requirements attached to taking the payday loan. If you have any questions then our website has a comprehensive “FAQs” section, and of course you may telephone our friendly agents who will do their best to answer any queries you may have.


At Uncle Buck Payday Loans we do understand that circumstances can change quickly, so our agents are on hand to help you through various options available if you unexpectedly find other demands on your money when it comes to settling the amount payable. However, we do expect you to honour your side of the contract and pay us back. We always prefer it if you do engage with us – if we don’t hear from you then we don’t know why you haven’t been able to pay. We endeavour to treat genuine cases of financial difficulty with forbearance as we would wish to find solutions that work for both parties, so don’t be afraid of contacting us if you find you may not be able to make the required repayment on time.


We like to think that our website gives you a range of useful information about our loans. How much it will cost you is clearly shown, and in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) price cap regulations, interest is capped at 0.8% per day, default charges are capped at £15 and the total interest and fees charged on a loan can never exceed 100% of the amount borrowed.


If you miss a repayment then we may charge you a missed payment fee, which helps to cover the cost of our agents trying to contact you by phone and other means. The charges we may make are clearly shown on any pre-contractual information and on the payday loan agreement itself.


Refinancing, or rollovers, have received criticism from many quarters. At Uncle Buck Payday Loans, we will only consider a request to defer some of your repayment if this comes from you, the customer. We will carry out additional checks before making our decision and we will always require repayment of the interest and any other fees due before agreeing to defer the principal amount for a further term. We strongly encourage our customers to make a capital repayment at the time of deferral as this reduces the overall cost of the payday loan. We limit the number of deferrals to a maximum of two so that customers cannot keep on repaying only the interest and thus increasing the total cost of the payday loan. However we do recognise that our customers do have choice and there may be legitimate reasons for requesting a deferrral. Our website log in area asks customers to provide a reason for wanting to defer some of their repayment, alongside our other checks this helps us to decide whether further discussion is necessary and if a deferral is in the customer’s best interests..


We hope to be able to offer superior customer service as we strive for our customers to be satisfied with the payday loan products and service they receive. However, we know that there will always be times when things don’t go quite as they should and although we receive only a limited number of complaints directly we treat these very seriously. Our complaints procedure can be found on the Uncle Buck Payday Loans website or you can ask us for a copy at any time. We do our best to respond quickly – by the end of the next working day if we can – and if not we will provide you with updates in line with our procedure and issue a final response to you. This will set out our understanding of your complaint, our investigations and our decision. We consider all complaints fairly and our investigations into each complaint are thorough and detailed.


Payday loans are best used when a short term cash flow situation arises or an unexpected expense comes about. We cannot say if a payday loan is right for you, this is a judgement you must make. Sometimes a value judgement is made – although there is interest to pay on the money borrowed (payday loan) this may cost less overall than taking another course of action, or the cost/benefit makes sense. For example, if having to take the bus to work each day for a fortnight means you need to leave home earlier in the morning, and increases the level of inconvenience you might experience, and means you need to pay bus fares, the interest cost on a short term payday loan may be a cost you are prepared to meet to get your car back from the garage. Although we do not ask you to provide a reason for your payday loan, Uncle Buck does not support the use of payday loans for frivolous expenses – we’re not being puritanical here but we find that customers are more committed to repaying their loans having used the funds for genuine household emergencies.


Payday loans may be just one of a range of credit options available to you and should be researched along with other available credit choices. The Uncle Buck Payday Loans website provides you with a lot of information about our products, including what you will expect to repay and how our loans work. You should only consider taking out a payday loan if you are sure that you can afford to repay on the due date. You should also make sure that you give us your correct paydate so that we can tailor your payday loan repayment to ensure we do not miss making our collection attempts when funds will be available to make the scheduled repayment. In line with the Good Practice Customer Charter we will let you know by email, sms or phone at least 3 days before your repayment falls due, so that you can make sure there will be enough funds in your account. Many payments fail not because there are no funds in the account, but because there are insufficient funds to cover the amount due. By letting you know in advance, this gives you time to organise your funding appropriately.


More on Payday Loans can be found here.

If we can’t collect your payday loan payment when it falls due, then our agents will make attempts to contact you using a variety of methods, for example email, phone and sms text. We know that these days many of our customers use smartphones and receive emails and sms to the same device that receives calls, so we try and be mindful of this when making our attempts to get in touch. Uncle Buck Payday Loans is a responsible lender and we want our customers to be very happy with our service. However, if you don’t repay on the due date and don’t get in touch to agree an alternative arrangement, we’re sure you can understand why we would want to try and contact you to discuss your payday loan.


Uncle Buck Payday Loans is fully UK based so you can be sure that you can reach us when you need to during our opening hours. We’re continually looking at how we can be more accessible to our customers and our customer log-in area offers a range of options to make life that bit easier for customers in a hurry.


Finally, Uncle Buck is a direct payday loan lender so you can be sure that, when you apply direct to us, your application will be considered quickly but thoroughly and we’ll aim to give you a provisional decision in a short time.


You know where you are with Uncle Buck Finance LLP.

Representative ExampleIf you borrowed £200 for 30 days
you would repay a single
payment of £248.00. Interest is 292% per annum (fixed).
Representative 1269.7% APR.
Funds are transmitted free of charge.
WarningRepresentative ExampleLate payment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Payday loans are not suitable for, and would be expensive as, a means of longer term borrowing and are not appropriate if you are in financial difficulty. Please click here to review our responsible lending policy.
Uncle Buck is committed
to lending responsibly
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