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Loan Amount (for 4 months)
Three Repayments of
One Final Repayment of
Total Repayment
Interest Rate
292% pa (fixed)
1244.0% APR

Whether it’s the car requiring urgent repairs or the boiler breaking down, an emergency expense is unfortunately just a part of life. However, when you don’t have the money available to cover the costs, and you can’t wait around until payday, life can start to get tricky.

If you’re struggling with an unexpected expense, a payday advance loan could help you to get your day back on track.

Payday Advance Loans

Searching for a straightforward payday advance loan to help with an unexpected expense? Then Uncle Buck can help with loans of up to a £1000 for four and six month periods. Our application process is transparent and straightforward with all costs set out beforehand, so there are no hidden fees.

We designed our payday advance loans for managing short-term cash flows. If you require help with a long-term expense or a pre-existing debt, then there may be cheaper, more suitable options available to you.

Payday Advance Bad Credit

A payday advance loan can be a helpful way of managing an emergency expense, but if you’re struggling with poor credit, it can be hard finding approval.

Here at Uncle Buck, we don’t believe your credit score is always a fair representation of who you are as a borrower. So when you apply for one of our loans, we look at the affordability to you rather than merely making a decision based on your current credit rating.

It’s not simply payday loans for bad credit that we provide either. We also offer no guarantor loans, so you can apply without requiring a family member or friend to secure your money.

Payday Advance Notebook and Laptop

Payday Advance Online

Whether at home or on the go, applying for an Uncle Buck payday advance loan is straightforward with our hassle-free online applications. Designed for mobile, tablet and desktop, our easy-to-follow applications allow you to apply at a time most convenient for you.

Have a question about our payday advance loans? Then why not give our friendly, UK-based customer service team a call today on 01959 543 400.

Apply for a Payday Advance

Looking to apply for a payday advance loan today? It’s never been easier than with our online application process. To apply, we ask that all applicants are:

  • Over the age of 18
  • A resident of the UK
  • Employed
  • Paid a salary into a UK bank account
  • In possession of a valid email address and a working mobile phone
  • Not currently in or anticipating entering debt management, an individual voluntary arrangement or under any bankruptcy proceedings

Fulfil the above criteria? Then you could be approved a payday advance loan by merely answering our questions on your:

  • Identity
  • Current employment
  • Residential status
  • Income
  • Expenditure
  • Banking details

Once you’ve given us the necessary information, we can then run the relevant affordability and credit checks to ensure that an Uncle Buck loan works for you.

At Uncle Buck, we’ve been offering short-term loans since 2004 to borrowers from across the UK. Our loans are for short-term use only and should never be used to manage existing debt. To apply for one of our fast money loans today, click the Apply Now button.

If you have any questions regarding our loans, you can contact us at

Prefer to speak with a member of our friendly UK-based customer service team? Then call us today on 01959 543 400. We are open Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 – 17:00.