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Three Repayments of
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Total Repayment
Interest Rate
292% pa (fixed)
1244.0% APR

An unexpected cash crisis can quickly become a serious issue, and the longer it goes unresolved, the worse it can get. So ensuring the problem is fixed as soon as possible should be a priority, but when you don’t have the money available, what can you do?

There are options out there, including payday loans. However, the repayments on such can be challenging to manage, especially if they require being repaid in full the following month.

So to help make the repayments that little bit easier, we offer the straightforward and flexible option of installment payday loans.

What is a Payday Installment Loan?

A payday installment loan is essentially the same as a payday loan except the loan’s repayments are over a number of fixed instalments rather than in a single lump sum.

How do Installment Payday Loans Work?

Installment payday loans work by spreading the repayment costs out. If approved for an installment loan, you agree upon a fixed date to make the repayments with the lender. This date will usually fall on your payday, as this is the most likely time that you will have the cash to cover that month’s installment.

Having to repay your loan, plus all of the interest, in one single payment the following month can impact your financial position as it does not leave much room for flexibility. So to avoid the potential issues involved with paying back your loan in such a way, consider installment payday loans.

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Can I Apply for an Installment Payday Loan with Uncle Buck?

If you are looking to apply for an installment payday loan, then Uncle Buck can help. We offer straightforward installment loans designed to help with managing unexpected expenses. If approved for a loan with us, you can:

  • Apply for an amount of up to £1000
  • Borrow for either a four or six month period

Approval for our loans is dependent on the necessary affordability and creditworthiness checks being carried out. These help us to try and establish whether we believe that an Uncle Buck might work as a suitable option for your needs.

At Uncle Buck, we provide short-term installment loans intended to help with unexpected expenses. Our loans are not designed for managing long-term costs or for paying off pre-existing debt. If you require help with another form of expense, then there may be better, more affordable options available to you. We will not provide you with a loan if you have told us you are in financial difficulty or our credit assessment indicates that the loan may not be able to be repaid in a sustainable manner.

Can I Still Apply for an Installment Payday Loan Even if I Have Bad Credit?

We know that a bad credit score can often be an issue when searching for a loan, but we don’t believe it should automatically disqualify you from applying. We don’t feel that credit scores are always an accurate representation of your borrowing history, so instead, we prefer to look at the overall affordability of the loan.

Do I Need a Guarantor When I Apply for an Installment Payday Loan?

Here at Uncle Buck, our loans don’t require a guarantor when you apply. So you never have to worry about bothering family or friends to help secure the money you need.

Do Uncle Buck offer Monthly Installment Payday Loans?

Yes, Uncle Buck offers monthly installment payday loans. These allow our customers to repay their loan on a fixed date every month, so they always know when their repayments are due.

At Uncle Buck, we’ve been offering short-term loans since 2004 to borrowers from across the UK. If you are interested in applying for a loan today, simply click the Apply Now button at the top of this page.

If you have any questions regarding our installment payday loans, you can contact us at

Prefer to speak with a member of our friendly UK-based customer service team? Then call us on 01959 543 400. We are open Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 – 17:00.