Uncle Buck offers flexible loans of up to £1,000 giving borrowers the option to repay over regular instalments, in time with your pay dates. Rather than a payday loan which requires you to pay the full loan amount and interest on your next pay date, our flexible loans give you a bit of breathing space, allowing you to stagger payments over time.

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We are a lender that is fully authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and have been trading since 2004. As a direct lender, all your information will be processed by our in-house team and your details will not be passed on to any third parties without your permission. There are no fees for applying and your details will be held safely on our secure website.

How Uncle Buck Offers Flexible Loans 

  • Apply online, from your mobile device, PC or tablet
  • Choose the amount you wish to apply to borrow and for how long
  • Select your repayment dates
  • Manageable monthly payments
  • Option to repay early

Choose How Much You Wish To Borrow 

Using our loan calculator, you can choose how much you wish to apply to borrow up to £1,000 in £25 increments (first time borrowing limited to £500). So, if you need a flexible loan for a particular expense such as a home repair or plumbing emergency, you can select how much you need to fit the bill. There is no need to borrow more than necessary and risk falling into trouble with repayments, with a flexible loan, you are in control.


If approved, customers receive their loan in one lump sum, straight into their debit account, which can be used to pay for their immediate emergency. Once you have filled in our application and have passed our additional credit and affordability checks, typically funds are transferred within 15 minutes of approval during our processing hours.

Select Your Repayment Date 

During the application, you can choose the date that you want repayments to come out of your debit account each month. This flexibility means that you can organize your incomings and outgoings accordingly to ensure you have enough in your account to make repayments on time.

Most people select the date that they get paid from work each month as their ‘repayment date’ – because this is when they are most likely to have money in their account available for collection.

So, whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, the last working day or a monthly basis, you have the flexibility to choose the day that suits you.

By using our loans calculator on the homepage, we can show you:

  • How many payments you will have to make
  • The amount due each month
  • What dates your collections will be attempted

This transparency means that you can plan accordingly, there won’t be any surprises or additional costs if you make payments on time and will know exactly what to expect during the loan term.

Repay Early If You Want 

One of the most flexible things about our loans is the ability to repay your loan early whenever you want. If you find that you are in a financial position where you no longer need the loan, you may wish to repay early instead of continuing to make the repayments as they fall due.

To do this, you can simply send us an email or give our customer care team a phone call who will be able to advise how much you need to repay and take repayment.

If you repay early, you may be eligible for a rebate of interest, saving you money in the process.

Read Our Blog and Useful Guides 

We are passionate about consumer credit and personal finance, so make sure you read our regular blog posts for interesting stories and money saving tips. We also have a number of guides on our website to explain the various checks that we carry out and what happens if you cannot repay.

For any questions about the loans from Uncle Buck, you can contact us by email and our experienced team will be happy to answer your questions.