Uncle Buck Short term loans, possibly best known for the ITV fly-on-the-wall docusoap “Cash in Hand! Payday Loans” has now moved to a prestigious new office in Dartford.

September 2015

Only three short years ago, a small but dynamic short term lender set out to show the UK that the best way to succeed in the Payday loans sector was to be open, transparent and, above all, focused on customer service.

The high cost short term credit (HCSTC) industry, which includes payday loans and other short term lending solutions, had suffered from a poor reputation with lenders failing to look after their customers. Uncle Buck wanted to not only change this image but visibly demonstrate how their commitment to exceptional customer service could change the industry and the lives of their customers for the better.

The decision, then, was clear: Uncle Buck would feature on a prime-time national television broadcast, giving viewers and customers a glimpse behind closed doors of the passion and dedication that drove each and every team member. It would be a chance to dispel the myths and rumours, and to highlight the Uncle Buck values.
And so, in September 2015, working with ITV, we threw open the doors of our small office in Biggin Hill, giving the cameras full access to how we operate and showing them and the country how a small, innovative online lender could not only survive but thrive when exceptional customer service was placed at the heart of the business.

Bigger but still the same

The ITV docusoap energised the team and further confirmed that Uncle Buck’s core values were essential in delivering a strong business with the customers at the very centre.

Three years on, while other lenders have fallen by the wayside, Uncle Buck has grown from strength to strength and continues to deliver exceptional customer service at every level of the business.

Helping more and more new customers every month to deal with their financial emergencies, the company has now outgrown the old office seen in the TV show and has moved to a prestigious new home.

Continued Expansion

Following years of continuing expansion and business growth, we have now moved from an office space on the historic Biggin Hill International Airport to a modern development in Dartford, Kent. The move is a key milestone that cements our position as a leading UK short-term loan lender and as a dynamic, forward-thinking employer.

Uncle Buck launches moves to new Dartford office

The new office allows the current team of 74 to nearly double by the end of the year, up to a full capacity of 138.  Company founder and owner, Steve Murray, said: “I’m really proud of what Uncle Buck has become and it could not have happened without our staff. I want every team member to enjoy their new working environment.”

Director of Operations, Massimo Cristi, said: “We have all worked hard to build this new environment; everyone has played their part to deliver a fantastic work environment that we can all enjoy. When people look round, they should feel proud that they have been a part of this journey and this success.”

“Given that a lot of our staff are new, they should be thinking that they’ve made the right decision. Their career is secure. They should be ready to have some fun; I just want them to enjoy the environment, I’m probably going to have to be kicking people out because I just know people are going to impressed.”

Into the Future

A stylish, modern office interior at Uncle Buck

Now we have the space, we’re planning to grow even further. We are looking to recruit a further 60 staff, taking us to over 130 team members, all focused and holding true to the belief that the only way to succeed in the payday loan sector is to offer our customers the absolute best in customer service.

This new contemporary, modern and professional office space has been fitted out not just to accommodate the increase in staff but to boost levels of energy, passion, motivation and deliver a working environment that our dedicated staff can be proud of.


Reflecting on September 2015 and the ITV docusoap, Cash in Hand, the growth in all facets of the business has been startling – and in only three years. It’s easy for businesses to become complacent but, when customer satisfaction is at the core of our values, we needed to continue developing and offering value and exceptional customer service; the new office has cemented our continued and on-going commitment to these values and to our customers.