Here at Uncle Buck, we believe that not only should we be fair and helpful to our customers, but that we should share that same ethos with the community both locally and across the UK.

For this reason, Uncle Buck makes regular donations to well-known charitable organisations, such as ‘Save the Children’, ‘British Heart Foundation’ and ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’, and also to lesser-known charities like ‘After Adoption’, ‘Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide’, and local food banks – a now necessary part of some of the communities in which we live.

We feel a duty to extend the same level of commitment to those less fortunate.

We are committed to acting responsibly when attending to our customers’ lending requirements and needs, and feel we have a duty to extend that same level of commitment to those less fortunate or in need of a little help.

Founder and MD at Uncle Buck says, “Ensuring we make a good impact on our local community as well as our customers is very important to us. Empowerment and Loyalty are two of our core values. Supporting charities chosen by our employees, including our local community, aims to uphold these values throughout the business embedding a culture which we are proud of.”