While payday or short term loans online are designed to help you out of a tight financial spot, relying on them from month to month or week after week is far from being a good idea. Here is why.

Increasing Interest


To begin with, the interest you accrue as you use one loan after the other to replace the shortfalls generated by paying off previous loans will gradually build up more and more. Eventually, your lender (and other loan providers) will refuse your continual requests. The reason they do this is simple: responsible lenders are required by law to protect you (and themselves) against the risks involved in becoming trapped in the ‘payday loan cycle’.

The Benefits


While being refused yet another payday loan may initially horrify and worry you, there are several long term benefits of being refused that you will ultimately come to appreciate. Here are some of these benefits.

Breaking the cycle


Breaking that cycle of ever-increasing debt forces you to take a good look at your budget (income vs. expenses) and make some serious, practical decisions concerning your finances. You may have to find a way of earning a little extra income; cut down drastically on your expenses and maybe even sell a few things in order to make it through the first month after being refused more credit. The first time you can budget for the month without having to somehow fit in a loan repayment will, however, come as a huge relief.

Your Credit Score


Putting a stop to taking out payday loans also helps to start improving your credit score. What’s more, by finding extra ways of increasing your income and budgeting more carefully, you end your reliance on short term loans. In addition, your account and good rating (assuming you have always made your repayments on time) with your lender and the fact that you are more aware of the potential risks in overusing this kind of facility will make it more likely for you to get a payday loan should you find yourself in need of extra cash in the future.

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