Payday Loans and Frivolous Purchases

Short term loans are typically taken out to cover emergency expenses like car repairs; replacing broken down appliances or covering the cost of having to travel somewhere unexpectedly. Sometimes, however, people get over-excited when seeing a healthy balance in their bank account and fritter the money away by making impulsive, often frivolous purchases. Here are a few common examples of frivolous impulse spending people have indulged in and subsequently regretted.

How to Budget Effectively

Payday loans can be solutions to short-term financial difficulties. Treat them with care, however, as an inability to repay them could ultimately make matters worse than they were to begin with. Budgeting carefully helps to decide whether a payday loan is a viable solution to your immediate problem.

Over the threshold – a marriage made in heaven?

With the application slot for most-but not all-short term lenders having closed on 28 February 2015, those that have not submitted an application for Full Permission by that date (having been notified of that particular slot) will now no longer be able to trade. Additionally, where these circumstances apply, short term loan lenders will no longer be entitled to collect out any outstanding debts.

Uncle Buck Payday Loans LLP and Treating Customers Fairly

Uncle Buck recognises that Treating Customers Fairly (TCF), with its focus on consumer outcomes, is central to the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA’s) work in ensuring a fair deal for consumers. It underpins the delivery of the FCA’s statutory consumer protection objective and the future objectives of the FCA.