What you need to know about Payday Loans

Designed to meet emergency financial needs arising in between, short term loans are often provided within hours of applying for them. Required Proof As a rule, applicants do not have to have exceptional credit scores or collateral in order to qualify, but it is necessary to provide recent pay slips and other relevant documents proving that they have the ability to make the repayment on time.

Complaining – a fair outcome?

Many lenders, Uncle Buck Finance LLP included, are currently receiving communications direct from the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) concerning complaints that have not been raised with the relevant lender first.

Why Credit Ratings may let you down

Poor credit ratings can result in one lender after the other turning you down. Sometimes these poor ratings are the result of an inability to make repayments or reckless spending in the past. There are, however, times when other factors affect your rating without you actually having done anything wrong. Here are some of these factors.

Are Loans Safe Options?

Payday loans can be exceptionally helpful when faced with unexpected expenses. In spite of their fearsome reputation, they are also perfectly safe – as long as you ensure you can repay the amount you borrowed (plus any interest accrued over the duration of your loan) on time.

The future of short term lending

With the FCA’s control over the loan industry now one year old and the assessment of applications for full permission having commenced, Uncle Buck Finance LLP looks forward to the shape of short term lending in the future. There are likely to be fewer lenders. Already a number of lenders have left the market, both on the high street and on line.