In the UK, fraud and cybercrime are the most common offences with around one in ten adults falling victim to online fraud. Every day consumers and firms alike are exposed to a diverse range of online fraud types, including (but not limited to) credit card fraud, identity theft, push payment scams and debit card fraud.

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Online fraud is evolving and growing – and new digital technologies and ecommerce platforms have all contributed to its rapid growth. Fraudsters today are not only able to conduct traditional crimes with ease, but also use new technologies and platforms to conduct more sophisticated and comprehensive types of online fraud. With so many different types of online fraud to look out for, online fraud prevention and ascertaining whether or not something is legitimate – be it a website, an information request, or a transaction – is increasingly difficult.

Our eBook provides you with a helpful guide on how to help you protect your personal information and stay safe when using financial services online.

Due diligence must be exercised – especially in instances where you are applying for a new credit card, bank account, mortgage or loan. After all, if you are applying for a loan online, you want to be sure that your lender is legitimate and not a loan shark.

There are, of course, several online fraud prevention tactics you can use when applying for a new credit card, bank account, mortgage or loan. All of these online safety tips are simple, straightforward and easy to do. For example, checking websites for security certificates, using different passwords, using secure connections, avoiding spam and strange links, using trusted lenders, and installing anti-virus software, are just a few things you can do to significantly improve your online security and protect your information.

It’s no longer just about looking out for clandestine activity at the point of online application, transaction or purchase, but also about checking a number of different variables beforehand to ensure your information is safe and that your transactions/purchases are legitimate and private. Applying for a credit card, bank account, mortgage or loan often involves a lot of personal financial information, and with so many risks online, protecting that information is your first and foremost concern.

We appreciate just how important it is that your financial and personal information is safe online, which is why we have created our eBook:

‘Four Proactive Measures to Help Protect You From Online Fraud’.

In our eBook, we share four simple and effective measures that you can take to prevent online fraud, as well as making it significantly harder for online fraudsters to steal your important information.

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4 proactive ways to help protect you from online fraud