The recent research published by the Competition Commission as part of its inquiry into Payday Lending showed that 53% of respondents to the survey used their loan for “living expenses”, eg food, groceries, household or utility bills.

When asked if they could have gone without what they spent their money on, fifty nine percent said they could definitely not have gone without what they spent their money on, 32% said they could possibly have gone without it and 8% said they definitely could have gone without it.

Uncle Buck’s short term loans available in the UK are ideal for cash flow emergencies, but they should not be used as a source of longer term financing and are unsuitable for anyone in financial difficulties. In fact, they can exacerbate financial problems where there are existing issues.

Tips to get your finances under control

  • Check out the budget planner calculator on our website. It may help you to get a better understanding of your overall finances or help you get back on top of your monthly spend. You can use this to help manage your monthly money or to check if you think you can afford to repay any loan you may be considering
  • Write down everything you spend, including those take-away coffees and sandwiches. You may be surprised how it adds up. By reducing this spend you may have more available cash to put towards other everyday expenses
  • Try to put money away each month for utility bills, or pay by monthly direct debit. Some companies offer a discount for this method of payment and it helps to make sure you don’t spend the money on something else
  • Make good use of “money off” vouchers in supermarkets, or loyalty rewards
  • Steer clear of “buy one get one free” if it isn’t something you would normally buy, but if it is and it isn’t perishable (like toilet rolls, shampoo, bin bags) that you use all the time, take the chance to stock up!
  • Check out small changes you can make around the house to save energy and reduce bills – turning the heating down a little or altering the hours it is on can make a big difference, turning lights off where not needed, closing curtains can help keep heat in, for example
  • If you have a car, drive to make the best of fuel economy – avoid sudden acceleration or braking for example
  • Shop around where you can, whether this is for groceries, insurances, utilities or anything else! There are many “price comparison” sites out there to give you a head start!


If you decide that a short term loan is an option to consider, then Uncle Buck provides clear and transparent information on its website and through both pre-contractual and contractual information to enable consumers to make informed decisions about whether a payday loan is for them. Our friendly UK based call centre team are also available (hours on website) to help you through any issues or questions you may have.