The thought of spending Valentine’s Day on a budget is a far cry from most people’s idea of romance, but done right, it can be just as special if not more so.

So for this year, there’s no need to worry about blowing your budget on Valentine’s flowers or an expensive meal out, instead, simply take some inspiration from our guide to the Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas on a Budget to ensure you’ll have a valentines to remember.

A handmade gift or card

Handmade Gift

One great Valentine’s day idea for saving money, which can go for all occasions, is to simply create a gift or a card from scratch at home to show how much your loved one means to you. So, forget all those overpriced shop-bought options and get creative with a truly unique card that’s certain to mean so much more to your partner.

If a handmade card isn’t quite your thing, then how about a mixtape full of both of your favourite songs? The classic mixtape can be a great way for the two of you to reminisce as you listen to the soundtrack of all those special memories you’ve made together.

Search for vouchers and competitions

Eating out for a Valentine’s date can be a pricey affair, however, plenty of high-street restaurants offer money-saving vouchers online, however, do always remember to check that they are valid for the time and date you plan to use them.

Alongside searching for vouchers, entering competitions can also provide you with the chance of winning Valentine’s gifts or meals out, and while they aren’t a guarantee, you do have to be in it to win it.

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Spend the night at home

Couple relax watching the TV

No luck with the competitions or vouchers? Then forget about that fancy meal out and prepare a magical night in with your special someone. A homecooked meal made from scratch and a favourite film can often be much more romantic than a Valentine’s date at a busy restaurant.

Find something free to do

Free Museum Visit

If you and your loved one are both lucky enough to find yourselves with the day free come Valentine’s, then how about spending it visiting the many free museums, exhibitions and landmarks that the UK has to offer. While for the evening, there are numerous cheap or free events to enjoy including theatre performances or special valentine’s day film screenings.

Replace those expensive Valentine’s flowers with a potted plant

potted Plant

Valentine’s flowers can be a lovely gift to give to your partner, but they can be expensive, even more so come Valentine’s, so how about replacing those dozen red roses with a pretty potted plant? Much more budget-friendly and a lot more likely to outlive those Valentine’s flowers, a plant makes a great gift while buying a cute little pot to go alongside can make it an even nicer gift.


Replace the ‘Valentine’s gift’ with a ‘regular one’

Blank Gift

When looking to buy gifts for your loved one this Valentine’s, it’s tempting to go for those items covered in Valentine’s imagery, however, for the sake of your budget, these items are often best to avoid. Simply ignoring the branding and instead buying the ‘standard’ option is more often than not, the cheaper option.

Plan a scavenger hunt

Kit for a Scavenger Hunt

Straightforward to organise and sure to provide plenty of fun, a scavenger hunt makes a great idea for a unique Valentine’s day date. Using favourite spots from throughout your relationship can make the hunt even more special and is the perfect way of creating new memories for you both to cherish.

Plan a budget break

Toy Van at the airport prepares to travel the world

While going abroad on a holiday might be a bit of a stretch on a budget, a last-minute weekend getaway in the UK can be a great Valentine’s day idea for those trying to keep their costs down.

Searching out those special offers and keeping an eye out for last-minute deals can be an ideal way of planning a romantic holiday on the cheap. While surprising your significant other with a weekend break is sure to see you firmly in the good books.

Buy a small gift that your loved one wants

A small Gift

Buying your loved one a present needn’t be expensive, nor should it have to be a surprise come Valentine’s day. Offering to buy the gift you know they want, rather than the same old Valentine’s flowers or chocolates can be a great way of knowing that it won’t go to waste.

Make the time for one another

Family Love

Certain to mean the most to your loved one and entirely cost-free, one of the easiest yet best Valentine’s day ideas is to take the time out of your day and to focus on one another. Simply turn the Wi-Fi and tv off, put away your phones, and whether it’s simply having a chat or playing some board games, simply enjoying one another’s company can be a great way of spending Valentine’s.

Being on a budget shouldn’t limit your Valentine’s day ideas, and with the right planning, you could have a magical day to remember for years to come.

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