Avoid overspending this Mother’s Day with our guide to the Top 10 Cheap Mother’s Day Flowers Under £10. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for showing your Mum just how much she means to you and what better way to show you care than with flowers.

Cheap Mother’s Day Flowers

Flowers can be incredibly expensive at this time of year and if you’re struggling with money, it can be difficult to afford such an extravagant gift. There’s no need to worry, though, as there are plenty of affordable options still available.

So if you’re searching for cheap Mother’s Day flowers under £10 for this year, we can help.


With their bright colours and easily recognisable petals, tulips often make a popular present while their affordability often makes them a popular Mother’s Day gift.

Tulip flowers in bloom


More than just a symbol of romance, roses are also a good choice for Mother’s Day with their fragrant and deep coloured petals. While perhaps not known for their low cost, it is possible to find the flowers under £10 in a number of larger supermarkets.

Roses in bloom


As Mother’s Day finds itself coming along just before the peony season, finding them to give as a gift can be tricky. However, with their delicate petals and sweet fragrance, peonies make for a truly magical Mother’s Day gift.

Bunch of peonies


Known as the traditional Mother’s Day flower ever since a devoted daughter started wearing her mother’s favourite flower as a tribute to all mothers, the carnation remains a popular choice to this day. Available in a variety of colours, carnations make a great option for bringing a splash of life to a room while still remaining a relatively cheap Mother’s Day gift.

Arrangement of carnations


Offering up a beautiful and calming scent that’s ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere in the home, lavender makes the ideal gift for the Mum who deserves a break on her special day.

Field of lavender


Best known for their large star-shaped petals, Hydrangeas make ideal cheap Mother’s Day flowers and work equally well both on their own and as part of a bouquet. The flower’s unique colours each have their own individual meaning, with pink symbolising love, making it perhaps the best choice for a Mother’s Day gift.



Often associated with motherhood, particularly in Greek culture, lilies make the ideal gift to give on Mother’s Day. Simple yet still elegant, lilies can be bought in a variety of colours and feature a distinct fragrance, making them such an incredibly popular gift.

Blooming Lilly


Taking their name from the Greek word for ‘rainbow’, the elegant iris flower has often been a favourite with royalty throughout the years. Available in a variety of colours and with a distinct fragrance, a bouquet of irises are sure to put a smile on Mum’s face Mother’s Day morning.

Wild Iris Flower


For the modern mum who likes something a little different, a cactus makes for a great cheap Mother’s Day gift that she’s sure to love. Once considered a bit of a novelty leftover over from its 70’s heyday, the cactus is once again back in vogue, and with its incredibly basic needs, is very easy to care for.

Trio of cacti


Considered a symbol of happiness, the gerbera flowers make an ideal choice for celebrating Mum. Perfect either on their own or as part of a bouquet, the gerberas colourful petals are a great option for adding a vibrant touch to any room.


Mother’s Day Offers and Savings

When it comes to Mother’s Day offers and savings, there are a number of places to buy from to ensure you can celebrate your mum without overstretching your budget:

  • Markets: Night markets make a great spot to pick up cheap flowers, though don’t expect to just be picking up single stems as many traders prefer to sell in larger quantities.
  • Supermarkets: Most large supermarkets sell flowers under £10 with many increasing their variety closer to occasions such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Some individuals can often feel under pressure to spend a lot for Mother’s Day, particularly when buying flowers, but by being smart you could save money and still pick up the perfect gift.

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