The weekly shop can regularly take a huge chunk out of your budget, and that’s before you consider those weekend meals out or the daily sandwich on your lunch break. There are, however, plenty of ways you can reduce your costs, whether that’s for cheap food shopping or enjoying a meal at a high street restaurant.

Inspired by our downloadable eBook Improving your Financial Health: 8 Credit and Money Management Tips, our guide to Cheap Food Shopping – Save Money on Food highlights a number of great ideas for helping you to keep your food budget, and finances, firmly in check.

Cheap food shopping on a budget

Cheap Food

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but our advice and tips say a little differently. If you know where to look, there are plenty of special offers and discounts out there to help you grab some cheap food.

  • Mystery diner: It’s almost too good to be true, getting paid to eat out, but as a mystery diner you could enjoy a range of meals from top restaurants and cafes without spending a penny. Used by eateries to ensure that their dining experience is up to scratch, mystery diner work often offers up a free meal in exchange for a review of the eatery. It’s also not strictly limited to eating out, as a number of high street stores and other customer-facing business often use mystery shoppers to maintain their standards.
  • Reward apps: Plenty of high street restaurants and cafes have their own dedicated app, which regularly offers up discounts for cheap food or freebies such as sides or drinks simply for signing up.
  • Birthday offers: A number of high street eateries also offer up free food on your birthday if you’ve signed up to their mailing list. Places such as Krispy Kreme, Subway and Yo! Sushi all offer up rewards such as free treats or money off vouchers to help you celebrate your special day a little cheaper.

Save Money on Food Shopping

When it comes to the weekly shop, your budget can quickly disappear, however, there are plenty of great ways to save money on food shopping if you know where to start.

    • Loyalty cards: Nearly every supermarket chain has its own loyalty card or reward scheme for customers to sign-up for. These schemes often give a percentage of the cost of your shopping back as points, and while the amount is often very small, over time it all quickly builds up.
    • Vouchers: Much like with the loyalty card scheme, many supermarkets also offer up vouchers or coupons for discounted goods. These vouchers can often be found online or are given out alongside your receipt at the end of your shop.
  • Buy reduced: Food doesn’t last forever, and as a result, many supermarkets reduce the cost of items close to their sell-by date. Visiting your local shop at the end of the day or finding out when they start reducing items can go a long way to helping you save money on food shopping.

Cheap Food Shopping Sites

The opportunities for getting a hold of cheap food are out there, it’s just a matter of knowing exactly where to look. There are plenty of great websites and apps readily available to help you save money on food shopping.

  • Too Good To Go: Offering up a large list of cafes and restaurants from which to find end-of-the-day discounted meals, the Too Good To Go app is a great way of grabbing cheap food. Incredibly easy to use once signed up for, you just simply search a range of nearby dining establishments before making your decision and grabbing your discounted food.
  • Karma: Much like with Too Good To Go, the Karma app aims to reduce food waste by enabling a variety of cafes, restaurants and stalls to sell their daily leftovers at a reduced rate. Straightforward to use, the app allows you to pay for your food in-app from a wide range of places before heading out to collect.
  • mySupermarket: Comparing offers from a number of high street supermarkets, the mySupermarket website highlights the very best deals currently available to help you save money on food shopping.
  • Olio: Connecting neighbours and local cafes with one another, Olio allows users to collect and give away free food that would otherwise be going to waste. What’s more, the app offers the opportunity for neighbours to get to know one another, which in turn helps communities grow.

There are a number of ways to regularly get cheap food shopping and discounts on meals out, and hopefully, our guide has provided you with plenty of great ideas for helping you to eat on the cheap. If you want to learn more great money saving tips, then download our eBook Improving your Financial Health: 8 Money and Credit Management Tips now.

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