Can a great lifestyle really be maintained on a budget? It certainly can. Follow our five useful steps, and you will be en route to saving an eye watering amount of money, whilst maintaining an excellent lifestyle.


  1. Rethink your mode of transport

Whether you pay daily, monthly or annually for your commute to work, we all find it painful to witness the large sums of money that transport costs. Walking, cycling or riding a scooter to work are both healthy, and less costly. For long distance commuters, car sharing is another fantastic option as train fares can all add up.

  1. Activities don’t have to be limited

Even though activity options feel limited on a budget, you don’t just have to stay at home. There are plenty of free or cheap options in buzzy metropolises; explore adventure parks or visit free gallery exhibitions, museum openings and sightseeing. Alternatively, switch the cinema for home movies with friends and make your own popcorn. A picnic in the park will also save you money on expensive alcohol, and galleries often have talks with complimentary drinks – tap into ‘Thirsty Thursday’s’! Trade in the pub for picnics, and restaurants for supper clubs (it’s always fun if everyone brings a dish).

  1. Save at the local market

You’ve picked your food and chosen wisely, but the total at the supermarket checkout is more than you expected. You’re not alone; we all share this reoccurring experience. You can still buy your Fair trade, organic products at a reasonable price by heading to your local farmers market for deliciously fresh, locally-sourced produce.  As well as experiencing pleasant customer service and a community atmosphere, you will be delighted with hand-picked organic veggies, fresh fish and tender joints of meat.

  1. Get fit for free

Gym memberships are expensive, especially when you don’t go. Compare how much you use it with the price you pay. As we approach spring, why not try going on runs in the park where you can breathe in fresh air and enjoy your surroundings, or buy weights to use at home. We love downloading workout apps or watching fun exercise classes online, give it a go.

  1. Renovate your wardrobe

Everyone loves indulging in retail therapy, or an online shopping spree. After a while, we can become disinterested in clothes we own, especially if they are no longer in trend. So, how about hosting a clothes swap evening for you and your friends. Or, get creative and alter your clothes by sewing on fabrics such as lace, sequins or buttons. Selling clothes online or buying from vintage shops is another cheap option, whilst maintaining your lifestyle and look.

From food to fashion and transport to sport, there are many ways to maintain a great lifestyle whilst saving on costs. There are always cheaper options so don’t let a tight budget get in the way and restrict you from enjoying yourself and having a fun with family and friends.

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