Steven George Murray

Senior Managing Partner

Steve is the senior managing partner of Uncle Buck Finance LLP and has been operating in the regulated lending and collecting industry for 25 years, much of that in alternative credit.

In the mid-nineties he established a small chain of pawnbroking outlets in the south east of England, alongside which he operated cheque cashing and retail jewellery services. He was a member of the National Pawnbrokers Association and one of the first members of the newly formed BCCA, later selling the bulk of the business as a going concern to national pawn-broking firm Harvey and Thompson. After trialling a pawnbroking by post service called Uncle Buck ("Uncle" being a Dickensian term for a pawnbroker) which proved unpopular as customers had concerns over mailing valuables despite the items being insured, he later trialled an unsecured loan service which came to be called a payday loan and this is the origin of the current company name. He has operated in the payday sector since circa 2002 with the "Uncle Buck" trading name having been in use since 2004.

Steven Murray is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the business is run with an acceptable applicant risk profile; continual development of the risk scorecards and affordability assessments is a key part of this
  • Embedding the TCF culture throughout the business
  • Ensuring adequate resources of both financing and personnel
  • Maintaining and developing meaningful business relationships to enable continuation and expansion of the business

Clare Harley

Head of Compliance

Clare is the Head of Compliance of Uncle Buck Finance LLP and is responsible for the ensuring that the company meets and fulfils all the necessary reporting and monitoring requirements to satisfy current and future FCA regulatory and legal obligations.

Her responsibilities include monitoring and highlighting risk levels to deliver positive consumer outcomes, communicating with senior management on all regulatory matters to drive best practice, contributing to the training and development strategy within the firm and reviewing all financial promotions.

Clare started her career at JP Morgan Chase & Co over 20 years ago and worked in the financial services industry until 2001. She held the position of Vice President for the Structured Credit Department in International Fixed Income and was responsible for the trading and pricing of illiquid securities and asset swaps. She was responsible for a team of six people and responsibilities also included budget planning, limit control as set out by the Bank of England and assisting the HR department with the graduate recruitment intake. Clare attended the company`s Graduate Training Course in New York and completed the SFA Registered Representative exams parts I, II and III. After a career break to look after her child, Clare joined Uncle Buck Ltd in 2004.

Interests: horse-riding, gym, travel and socialising with friends.

Massimo Cristi

Director of Operations

Massimo is the Director of Operations of Uncle Buck Finance LLP. He leads the operations department that includes Customer Care, Underwriting, Collections, Hardship, Learning & Development, Systems & Development and Customer Relations. He is responsible for the smooth running and performance of the operations by developing and executing strategies to improve performance whilst ensuring these are compliant and ensure a positive outcome for the customer.

Massimo started in his managerial career nearly twenty years ago with Churchill Insurance where he was responsible for managing Customer Service and Claims Departments. In 2004 he was approached by Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd, to manage their Debt Recovery Department. In 2008 Massimo joined Oakam Finance where he established a Collections Department alongside which he also managed the Customer Service Department. He was later asked by ADT Fire and Security UK & Ireland to join as a Collections Manager. His role involved managing the collections and credit control function throughout the UK and Ireland. In 2012 he joined Uncle Buck Finance LLP to develop and expand the Collections Department.

Interests: When he is not working Massimo enjoys spending time with his wife and 6 sons.

Josef van Niekerk

Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager

Josef is the Business Intelligence and Analytics Manager. Josef is passionate about anything numerical and data driven, from calculating the optimal dimensions of a soda can to figuring out the trends of buyer behaviour on websites, depending on time of day, week, month and the amount of sleep they got the night before.

Josef has a Master's degree in Mathematical Finance and uses his analytical skills to great effect to improve the efficiency and performance of all areas across the business. He has significant experience in the alternative finance and online payments arenas, and has been involved in several small business ventures. Josef also sits on the board of directors of the BCCA, one of the alternative finance industry trade associations, where he exercises his numerical acumen as treasurer.

Josef heads up the business intelligence unit - which makes sense of masses of business data to drive decision making and ensure that we lend to people who can afford to repay their loans on time. He is also a kind of a software handyman and works tirelessly on improving and building tools to make the business processes more integrated and efficient.

Interests: When Josef is not immersing himself in the business data and software, he spends most of his time with his wife and two daughters, keeping up with all sorts of sports and building and maintaining his own portfolio of websites.

Mark Turner

Financial Controller

Mark is the Financial Controller at Uncle Buck Finance LLP and is responsible for ensuring that the company meets its statutory financial reporting and tax compliance obligations.

His responsibilities include monitoring and forecasting cash flows to maintain appropriate levels of liquidity, providing the senior management team with reports and analysis to assist with commercial decision making, maintaining and developing strong internal financial controls and managing the day-to-day finances of the business.

Mark is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and has nearly 20 years’ experience as a finance professional. After qualifying in 2003 he has held positions within industry across a number of sectors including; financial services, property, healthcare and media. The focus of his roles within industry have predominantly been on delivering financial reporting to internal and external stakeholders, improving financial reporting processes and internal controls and treasury management.

Interests: Hockey, keeping fit, investments and travel.